Eclipse Phase

Session 11

Fuck yeah, we're awesome!

We subverted the bots and used them to kill the guards, but not before they gunned down Quinn and Murder. The neotenic (Ellegua), Nazon’s second-in-command, got away, but was badly wounded and covered in nanites and quite possibly died. After the skirmish, Dante and Karl stabilized Quinn and Murder while the Alexes and Kim Chi finished the hack, then covered the room in dissassembler nanites. Infighting appears to have broken out between factions within 9-Lives shortly after our firefight.

We then escaped to the Fetish Market and called in our Ultimate contract to get us out. A few of us took hits to our c-rep for taking our morphs into a combat zone without the appropriate insurance.

Fuck the hypercorps anyway.

We then handed over AWE to Firewall.

—> Kimchi’s Notes
Everything was going fine until we unfortunately were discovered. My team did well in not getting me killed as I was key to the whole operation of getting the program. However, Murder was a little too zealous and got shot up, followed closely by Quinn. Dante was at least quick thinking in recognizing that the team needed my assistance. Once I aided them by simply controlling the guard bots to target the hostiles, I was finally able to turn back to my work. I successfully obtained the program, as there was no doubt I could. They rest of the team pulled their weight well and we were able to leave with all our members while some in-fighting broke out between the factions. We handed over AWE to Firewall. We all should try to do our best, and strive for what can be better.


Avemier pwnywarrior

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