Eclipse Phase

Sessions 12 and 13

The jobs can't ever be easy...

We met with Ejiro Bartholomew, who had contacted Quinn, at the scum swarm Blackest Pits of Heaven.

The pirates took our jerbs! I mean biotech data. Kim Chi traced them to a mining base using an anonymous message asking for tech help with a network node.

We tried to fool the pirates into sending us the data while giving them instructions to fix their network node, but were only able to get the data’s header data. Karl then crafted a virus to transfer the data to us and fooled them into installing it.

When we went to deliver the data to Ejiro, he attacked us, saying he couldn’t allow us to remember meeting him. Quinn got shot up by the body guards after taking out Ejiro, but the rest of the group was able to eliminate them while Karl stabilized Ejiro.


Avemier gregftw

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