Eclipse Phase

Session 9

We got a security job offer from Omri.
We turned down the offer, and proceeded to hack the bots. It took almost 2 hours.
We killed a guy that stumbled on us mid-hack.

Session 8

Kyoshi Katsurou gave us paper asking for a meeting through a creepy bot.
“I have a sensitive job if you are interested. Find me in Peristyle”
Rada Nanchon has creepy mind-wiping tech.
Lam Cong Dong – leader of Rada.
Omri Melach: ID crew defector
Cognite is some guy’s master. Nosh? His brain is toast now.
Cognite may have a connection to AWE.
We are helping Kyoshi Katsurou, who gave us info on AWE.
Reactor servers house AWE, door doesn’t open except for Roland Nazon.
Roland Nazon has lots of egos merged into himself.
We’re gonna hack the robots, get down to the door and use hardware skill to open it, then copy the software off the server and slag it with a nanoswarm.

Sessions 1 through 7


Session 1:
Tara Yu, missing
TITAN researcher
missing after finding an Earth artifact?
Went to Trojans, Locus, then to Casa Arturo in the Greeks.
Worked with Mason Wang and Morteza Bey
Docked with Song Cai Flower just outside the Greeks, Morteza Bey was with her on her shuttle.
Song Cai Flower ravaged ship and sent it back.

Session 2:
We sent the Que Sera back.
Stealthed to the Cai Song Flower.
Dante cut off a humming pirate’s hand.

Session 3:
Quinn killed the pirate.
We moved into a robot bay.
Decided to send sneaky peeps to explore the rotating torus.

Session 4:
Crazy alien orgy.
Man swapped bodies with Tara Yu and then they turned her into noodles and ate her.
Kim Chi is possibly Basilisk-hacked

Session 5:
We sabotaged the reactor, and left Kim to die.
Returned and informed our boss about the mission results. Karl joined Firewall.
5 Rez


Session 6:
Firewall Proxy: Piros
Firewall mole in 9-lives. Has evidence of x-risk on their HQ.
AMARU TIMOTI, mole in 9-lives. Works in ego shipping/receiving.
Roland Nazon: leader of Nine Lives
Nanchons: Ghede, Rada, Petro
Farcasting to Aspis, then shuttle Dasmos to Legba

Session 7:
Omri Melach is a contact or something?
We went to Legba and killed some gangers. Alexis02 got shot, and now has a nanobandage.


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