Eclipse Phase

Sessions 1 through 7


Session 1:
Tara Yu, missing
TITAN researcher
missing after finding an Earth artifact?
Went to Trojans, Locus, then to Casa Arturo in the Greeks.
Worked with Mason Wang and Morteza Bey
Docked with Song Cai Flower just outside the Greeks, Morteza Bey was with her on her shuttle.
Song Cai Flower ravaged ship and sent it back.

Session 2:
We sent the Que Sera back.
Stealthed to the Cai Song Flower.
Dante cut off a humming pirate’s hand.

Session 3:
Quinn killed the pirate.
We moved into a robot bay.
Decided to send sneaky peeps to explore the rotating torus.

Session 4:
Crazy alien orgy.
Man swapped bodies with Tara Yu and then they turned her into noodles and ate her.
Kim Chi is possibly Basilisk-hacked

Session 5:
We sabotaged the reactor, and left Kim to die.
Returned and informed our boss about the mission results. Karl joined Firewall.
5 Rez


Session 6:
Firewall Proxy: Piros
Firewall mole in 9-lives. Has evidence of x-risk on their HQ.
AMARU TIMOTI, mole in 9-lives. Works in ego shipping/receiving.
Roland Nazon: leader of Nine Lives
Nanchons: Ghede, Rada, Petro
Farcasting to Aspis, then shuttle Dasmos to Legba

Session 7:
Omri Melach is a contact or something?
We went to Legba and killed some gangers. Alexis02 got shot, and now has a nanobandage.

Session 8

Kyoshi Katsurou gave us paper asking for a meeting through a creepy bot.
“I have a sensitive job if you are interested. Find me in Peristyle”
Rada Nanchon has creepy mind-wiping tech.
Lam Cong Dong – leader of Rada.
Omri Melach: ID crew defector
Cognite is some guy’s master. Nosh? His brain is toast now.
Cognite may have a connection to AWE.
We are helping Kyoshi Katsurou, who gave us info on AWE.
Reactor servers house AWE, door doesn’t open except for Roland Nazon.
Roland Nazon has lots of egos merged into himself.
We’re gonna hack the robots, get down to the door and use hardware skill to open it, then copy the software off the server and slag it with a nanoswarm.

Session 9

We got a security job offer from Omri.
We turned down the offer, and proceeded to hack the bots. It took almost 2 hours.
We killed a guy that stumbled on us mid-hack.

Session 10
We're so boned...

Alexis bypassed the door security.
Kim Chi and Alexis02 worked on hacking the server in the reactor room.
Mid-hack, a security team plus a neotenic attacked the team.
Quinn and Dante are trying to hold them off so we can finish hacking, which will take another 20 minutes, though we could try to make the attempt now with lower odds of success.
Murder, Karl, and Alexis01 are currently waiting in the reactor room. We’re hosed if they get past Quinn and Dante.

Session 11
Fuck yeah, we're awesome!

We subverted the bots and used them to kill the guards, but not before they gunned down Quinn and Murder. The neotenic (Ellegua), Nazon’s second-in-command, got away, but was badly wounded and covered in nanites and quite possibly died. After the skirmish, Dante and Karl stabilized Quinn and Murder while the Alexes and Kim Chi finished the hack, then covered the room in dissassembler nanites. Infighting appears to have broken out between factions within 9-Lives shortly after our firefight.

We then escaped to the Fetish Market and called in our Ultimate contract to get us out. A few of us took hits to our c-rep for taking our morphs into a combat zone without the appropriate insurance.

Fuck the hypercorps anyway.

We then handed over AWE to Firewall.

—> Kimchi’s Notes
Everything was going fine until we unfortunately were discovered. My team did well in not getting me killed as I was key to the whole operation of getting the program. However, Murder was a little too zealous and got shot up, followed closely by Quinn. Dante was at least quick thinking in recognizing that the team needed my assistance. Once I aided them by simply controlling the guard bots to target the hostiles, I was finally able to turn back to my work. I successfully obtained the program, as there was no doubt I could. They rest of the team pulled their weight well and we were able to leave with all our members while some in-fighting broke out between the factions. We handed over AWE to Firewall. We all should try to do our best, and strive for what can be better.

Sessions 12 and 13
The jobs can't ever be easy...

We met with Ejiro Bartholomew, who had contacted Quinn, at the scum swarm Blackest Pits of Heaven.

The pirates took our jerbs! I mean biotech data. Kim Chi traced them to a mining base using an anonymous message asking for tech help with a network node.

We tried to fool the pirates into sending us the data while giving them instructions to fix their network node, but were only able to get the data’s header data. Karl then crafted a virus to transfer the data to us and fooled them into installing it.

When we went to deliver the data to Ejiro, he attacked us, saying he couldn’t allow us to remember meeting him. Quinn got shot up by the body guards after taking out Ejiro, but the rest of the group was able to eliminate them while Karl stabilized Ejiro.

Session 14
Throbbing musical phalluses.

Alexis jammed Ejiro’s signals while Dante interrogated him. Ejiro did not break, instead stating repeatedly that our interference with him would enrage his employers and lead to our inevitable deaths, and he ended the interrogation by suicide (YOUR HEAD A SPLODE!).

Before he died, he tried to get a message through to one Kevin Gillis. Karl used his networking skills to track Kevin Gillis down. Kevin Gillis appears to be an ego-trafficker in the Id Crew. We also learned that the data we retrieved includes genetic data that Karl is not familiar with. Knowing that, we forwarded the data to Firewall while we take a closer look at Kevin Gillis.

Session 15
The Penis of the Opera

Kim Chi, Karl, and Dante did some research on the data. I guess there’s some alien or synthetic DNA spliced into the human genome in the data? And all tests were inconclusive. Subject death? Bodies were disposed of and experiments were restarted.

We tracked down two Id Crew operatives working for Kevin Gillis, one in the belt and one on Mars. It looks like we’ll be heading to Mars, first.

Session 16
Nude Nuns with Guns

We tracked Alfred Decastro down to his home and workplace. After much deliberation, we decided to break into his home at night to capture and interrogate him. Alexis disabled his home alarm system and the group prepared for ingress.

Session 17
Breakin' a sweat with Dante

Dante and Quinn snuck into the home and tried to subdue Alfred. Alfred was able to break free and got a message out in spite of Kim Chi’s jamming. Quinn killed Alfred and we took his stack, using a nanoswarm to destroy his corpse.

We then used our Firewall contacts to get access to a simulspace, where Karl used some psychosurgery to prevent Alfred from lying, followed by an interrogation. We learned that Alfred knows virtually nothing about the research data and that he had messaged Kevil Gillis believing he was under attack from the 9-Lives syndicate, and we got Kevin’s location. We decided to destroy his stack and ego and allow him to resleeve from backup.

We are now preparing to go after Kevin Gillis.


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