Eclipse Phase

Session 20

Dog toy or sex toy?

Dante and Kevin continued their duel, with Dante landing a very lucky blow with his sword. Dante’s airlock bomb went off, but the lack of atmospheric decompression indicates that the bomb failed to breach the airlock. Kim Chi, with Alexis01’s and Karl’s help, managed to get security access and turned on the lights. Alexis02 opened the emergency bulkhead that had closed to prevent the airlock’s destruction from venting the atmosphere, while Quinn sabotaged the habitat’s oxygen processor. Dante managed to hit Kevin with a grenade, and Quinn finished him off with a couple shots from his weapon. Kevin told us his masters are aware of us with his dying breath. Alexis copied the habitat’s data and began sifting through it for data Firewall wouldn’t consider sensitive to dump on the mesh.

After Kevin’s death, we salvaged his ship while sifting through his data and plan to sell it to the Get Your Ass to Mars scum swarm (Alexis’ home swarm). In the data we came upon a shell company called Transgenomics strongly implied to be doing research on TITAN artifacts and exhuman gene splicing. We now have coordinates to find this company’s base on Neptune’s moon, Proteus.


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