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Alexis Wright was born on Earth in 25 BF to a precariat family that only just managed to stay out of poverty. They studied aerospace engineering and leapt at the chance to join the flight crew of the Vozneseniye (roughly translated as “Ascension”) making supply runs to outer system transhuman colonies, eager to escape the inequality and slow ecological collapse on transhumanity’s homeworld. Alexis quickly established theirself as a capable engineer during the long treks between Earth and the outer system.

When the Fall came, the Vozneseniye opted to assist in evacuating refugees. Working alongside the scum swarm Get Your Ass To Mars, the crew soon found themselves unemployed when their hiring corporation ceased to exist. With habitats refusing to take the refugees they had rescued, the crew ended up joining Get Your Ass To Mars in its travels between Mars and Saturn habitats, out of necessity more than anything. Free from the social taboos of most of transhumanity, Alexis began experimenting with forks, frequently maintaining an alpha forks of their ego to aid in their engineering work.

Alexis first came into contact with Firewall in 9AF, after being selected for a gatecrashing mission based on their technical skills by the Love and Rage Anarchist Collective. What should have been a routine mission to lay the groundwork for an autonomist colony on a newly surveyed exoplanet turned into an encounter with a TITAN artifact. Two of the gatecrashers were Firewall sentinels, who decided to recruit Alexis after being impressed with their contributions dealing the the x-risk on the planet. The full details of that mission are recorded in a separate report.

Of particular note is Alexis’ behavior changes after passing through the gate. They had only been able to get access to a synthmorph with no augmentations to allow the use of forks during the mission. Alexis seemed fine with this arrangement during the pre-mission preparation and training, but after stepping through the gate they soon became irritable and began to complain about the “lack of perspective” caused by functioning as a single ego. Alexis eventually convinced the team to allow them to put a fork in one of the Spares they brought on the mission. On returning to the Get Your Ass To Mars swarm, Alexis acquired a second splicer morph and began continuously maintaining two alpha forks, merging at least once a day. They eventually added mnemonic augmentations and access jacks to their morphs to remove the need for an ego bridge for the process, allowing them to merge whenever they have the spare time. Effectively, Alexis is now a single ego map operating as a hive mind of two egos, separated by at most 24 hours worth of experience. Where previously the frequent use of alpha forks was treated as a matter of efficiency, since passing through the gate Alexis appears to have integrated functioning as two egos into their core identity. Firewall has found no trace of exsurgent alteration of Alexis’ ego, and remains at a loss to explain the odd change in behavior.

Glyph, Alexis’ Muse:
Alexis’ muse is less enthusiastic about Alexis’ frequent forking and merging; keeping one Alexis out of trouble is difficult enough as it is. While Alexis’ ego seems to accept forking and merging with little stress, Glyph is waiting for the day when this psychological experiment shatters their mind. Of course, unspoken is the knowledge that Glyph will be there to help put the pieces back together—likely followed by an exasperated sigh when Alexis proceeds to continue forking.

Contradicting Glyph’s protective nature toward Alexis’ psyche, the AI seems fascinated by transhumans’ behavior changes when using various drugs; likely a change brought on by years among the Scum. Glyph will happily encourage substance abuse by both Alexis and those around them, and often researches the mesh on its own time to find new trips for its user to try.

Running two egos on two separate morphs, Alexis typically forks Glyph as well. The two muses stay in constant contact over the mesh whenever possible, essentially functioning as a single muse split across two mesh inserts.


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