Really good at sneaking around and surviving in bad situations. Hates everyone, but wants transhumanity to survive.

+Vengeance: TITANs
+Reclaim Earth


Dante was born 36 BF to a low class family. While he got an decent education in basic knowledge he was never able to get any real advanced training, hollowing out a life wherever he could with what skills he had. As the turmoil before the fall increased he sided with the lower class as they rose up against oppressive governments and corporations but he always avoided getting into any real physical conflicts.

Then the fall came, and everyone’s worst nightmares came to life. It didn’t take long for evacuation to seem to be the only hope for survival, unfortunately one needed either credits or connections to secure a spot on a ship or a server to egocast to. Dante had neither, but as transhumanity was slaughtered by the billions, through shear luck more then anything else, Dante survived. But he survived alone (and that’s all you’ll get about that. Press him, if you’re dumb). For years, through a combination of luck and getting very good at not being seen, Dante continued to survive. Saying he lived might have been a tretch, but he existed.

Eventually Dante managed to make contact with some Reclaimers living in Earths orbit. Over more then a year, whenever he was able to find a reasonably safe place with working equipment, these sporadic communications continued. Eventually everything lined up just right and the Reclaimers took a great risk in sending a rescue mission down. A few morphs were lost but overall it was surprisingly successful. The knowledge Dante had of Earth and the time he had survived on there made him a minor celebrity among the Reclaimer groups.

Dante’s escape from Earth hadn’t gone unnoticed though. The hypercorp Direct Action is aware of his escape and is trying to bring him in. Dante isn’t sure why, maybe they think he is infected, maybe they just want what he knows, or maybe they just don’t like people showing that the defense around Earth isn’t perfect. Whatever the reason, it has resulted in no few incidents, though luckily it seems that they don’t know enough to track him down but he does have to be careful around areas they control.

The other entity to notice Dante’s rescue was Firewall. Knowing that he had been surviving among TITAN technology for years they quickly recruited him. It is very possible that there were Firewall members on the Reclaimer mission that rescued him, the mission itself may even have been more of a Firewall mission then a Reclaimer one, but they aren’t telling. Regardless, they have made quick use of his knowledge and ability at dealing with TITAN relics.

Dante is on a pretty set path now. He fully believes that transhumanity needs to be prepared to beat the TITANs, we can’t just assume they aren’t coming back. So he purses a techno-progressive agenda when he is not working with Firewall. Dante believes that we need to advance technologically to the point that we can defeat the TITANs, but withing becoming what we are fighting, so he is not a huge fan of Exhumans and Singularity Seekers. If he was able to survive on Earth with basic technology, transhumanity don’t need to turn themselves into monsters or upload their minds into the singularity, they just
need better weapons.

Dante’s time on Earth hasn’t left him unscared though. While he works with people to help transhumanity as a whole, Dante doesn’t really trust any individuals. Add to this the social inept that comes from years of talking to mostly no-one but his muse and the result is not a very friendly person.

Dante’s muse: Virgil
Dante’s muse just spent years guiding him around dangers and keeping him alive on Earth, and hes not about to let anyone wreck that. Dante may not trust people, but Virgil is almost outright hostile to most transhumans. Also while Dante’s goal is to save transhumanity, Virgil doesn’t give a damn about that, Dante being alive is the one and only thing he cares about. The constant danger of years on Earth has left Virgil a bit paranoid and overprotective, though Dante is usually able to reason with him when he goes overboard.

Even with all that, Dante is closer to Virgil then he is to any living thing. Though Dante has an inherent mistrust of any AGI, he accepts most AI’s without much issue, likely in large part due to his friendship with Virgil.


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