Karl Heisenborg

Genetics Research Scientist



+Artistic Expression (Morph Design)
+Morphological Freedom
+Research (Neogenetics)


Some might consider you a mad scientist, but they simply lack the vision and moral flexibility to understand the meaning of your work. You are not just a scientist you are an artist, dedicated to defining the shapes and abilities of transhumans as they transition to the posthuman. Because your work is sometimes controversial, you prefer the brinker lifestyle, working in isolation where you are not restricted by laws or customs. There are some who find your work intriguing or valuable, of course, and so you have acquired influential backers. In truth, you are an expert when it comes to designing and manipulating biomorphs, and so your services are sometimes in demand when it comes to explaining unusual and exotic transformations. Your patrons, of course, sometimes call on your expertise from time to time in exchange for bankrolling your work.

Karl Heisenborg

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