Kim Chi


Infolife – machine AGI

Singularity Seeker

+Better Humanity
+Personal Development
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Titan Autonomous University
Personnel Information
Department: Psychology Research
Position: Researcher

Name: KimChi
Chi. Or Kim. Or my mesh handle “Chaeri”

Species: Infolife – Machine AGI
[We all try to be our best. As a machine AGI, I am one of the statistically few who get to start on a higher level of achieving what our ‘best’ may be.]

Age: 9
Chi was programmed in AF1 by a group of ex-humans to research T.I.T.A.N. technology immediately after the Fall and find out as much as I could. However, they turned themselves into monsters and in-fighting destroyed the group

Sexual Identity: Female

Chi was recruited by Firewall. Firewall broke up the Exhuman group that created her, but after recognizing her potential, did not destroy her. They planted her in the Psychology Department at TAU as a spy to glean any breaking new research they find, but also to keep an eye on them if they take research in the wrong direction. Her muse is named “Georgia” after Georgia O’Keeffe. Kim Chi named her that since her own interests lie in painting, floriculture, and psychosurgery/humanity. She provides key information as required in a timely manner. Her responses are perfunctory and mechanical and there is no more warmth or humanity to her personality than that of a nanofabricator.

Kim Chi

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