Murder Badb Catha

Raven Uplift, Xenolinguist, General Asshole


Background: Uplift
Faction: Mercurial
Gender Identity: Bird
Ego Age: 14
+Uplift Autonomy
+Personal Academic Acclaim
+Shiny Shit, Acquisition Thereof


Murder is a raven uplift who began his life as a glorified research assistant to a cantankerous, paranoid, generally unpleasant professor of archaeology at the University of Luna. This early social experience did not do much to improve on the avian’s general tendency towards abrasiveness, nor did the professor’s poor treatment of him do much for his formative impression of transhumankind (brain the size of a planet and there he was, formatting bibliographies for this asshole . . .)

The professor was permanently killed in the chaotic year following the Fall, and his assistant took the opportunity to strike out on his own, renaming himself with an aggressively raven-themed name (because what the fuck kind of name is [REDACTED], anyway?) and pursuing his own career in linguistics, for which he has an uncanny talent.

Murder has flourished in this life path and is now a tenured research professor at TAU. He allies himself strongly with Mercurial causes and is known for his pro-uplift stance, his widely-published criticism, his found-object sculpture and his extremely mediocre poetry. His general abrasiveness, intellect, and opinionated nature has made him surprisingly popular with a small subset of the glitterati avant-garde who, for some goddamn reason, really love having an asshole at their parties. He completely disdains these people, but trades on his inexplicable popularity with them in order to eat their canapes and steal their shiny shit.

He really, really loves shiny shit.

Murder Badb Catha

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